Caron has studied equine ethology (behaviour of wild horses) and equine behaviourism (behaviour of domestic horses). She combines this with a Master's Degree in Human Psychology, which gives her the unique ability of being able to help both horses and humans achieve their true potential.

At eighteen Caron left her beloved horses to pursue an academic career giving her exceptional credentials; a 1st Class Honours Degree in Civil Engineering and two Master's Degrees in Project Management and Industrial & Organisational Psychology. Her corporate career took her around the globe from London to Singapore and eventually Australia, where she became the youngest ‘Preferred’ Consultant for the Australian Institute of Management (AIM). Caron was lead facilitator on a number of AIM’s accredited, management training programmes, for major clients such as: Rio Tinto Mining, BHP Billiton and Boeing Australia. Caron's interest in using horses for experiential-based corporate training led her to discover the work of Monty Roberts, an award-winning horse trainer, best-selling author and creator of the revolutionary equine training system "Join~Up". Inspired, Caron left her corporate career and embarked on a rigorous 3 year education programme to become a Monty Roberts Certified Instructor. After living at the home of Monty Roberts, in the heart of California (USA), Caron relocated to the Middle East (Dubai). During the next 7 years Caron was invited to work with remedial Thoroughbreds, Arabians and Warmbloods at some of the most prestigious stables in the Middle East region. Recently she has relocated to the beautiful Somerset (UK) countryside and looks forward to sharing Monty's philosophy both in the UK as well as the Middle East, where she will be travelling to during the winter seasons. Caron is also pioneering the use of "Join~Up" concepts in experiential-based corporate training programmes, aimed at developing emotional intelligence, for major corporations; to view a personal endorsement, by Monty Roberts, about this click here.

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