As a leading global mining company we have tried all the 'top’ personnel development training programmes, but I’ve never seen our people so inspired as they were after working with Caron and the horses – Divisional Director, Rio Tinto Mining

Major corporations, wanting the latest in personnel development, are now including experiential corporate training as standard. Experiential equine facilitated training allows participants to interact with horses, on the ground, in a psychologically 'safe' space. Participants get to practice new skills, in a challenging environment, whilst receiving real-time feedback to improve performance. Caron has exceptional credentials to offer organisations wishing to use this modality to develop employees emotional intelligence skills. To see a video showcasing how horses can help humans to development emotional intelligence skills click here.


As prey animals horses use emotions as information; once they have taken appropriate action the emotion is released making them highly emotionally intelligent. Horses also communicate using a concise, non verbal language. This makes them the perfect teachers for helping us develop our own emotional intelligence and non verbal skills.


Studies of executives and managers in the Middle East have indicated a strong relationship between emotional intelligence skills and corporate performance at all levels, especially when creating new enterprises.


Participants return to the corporate environment with improved emotional intelligence skills which studies have shown has a significant impact on improving the bottom line.

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