New Zealand Whey Protein Review – [2024] Canada’s Best Protein?

New Zealand Whey Protein Review – Canada’s Best Protein?

Antler Farms’s New Zealand whey protein is a popular whey protein powder supplement in the Canadian protein supplement market. Marketed as the best grass-fed whey protein, New Zealand grass-fed whey protein is a calorie-efficient high-quality protein powder.  

As per the New Zealand whey protein’s nutrition facts, one serving has only 100 calories and 26grams of protein, which is fantastic. In my opinion, it’s the best offering of any low-calorie whey protein powder.

In a nutshell, New Zealand protein powder is a clean, naturally sweetened, zero-carb, zero-added sugar, zero-fat, and grass-fed whey protein. A perfect pick and One of the best whey protein powders on Amazon for anyone who is following a keto diet or low-calorie diet for fat loss.

Grass-Fed New Zealand Whey Protein (Quick Review)


Highlights(per serving)


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New Zealand Whey Protein Review
  • Only 100kcal

  • 26gms Protein

  • Zero Carbs

  • Zero Sugar

  • Grass-Fed

  • Fair Price

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We will review the aspects that make New Zealand whey protein popular highest-rated whey protein powders in Canada.

We are going to review five main aspects of grass-fed New Zealand whey protein.

  1. Ingredients
  2. Nutritional information
  3. Flavors & Taste
  4. Price
  5. Grass-Fed vs. Regular Whey Protein

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Grass-Fed New Zealand Whey Protein Review (Detailed)

New Zealand Whey Protein Review

New Zealand whey protein isolate is available in three different flavors and an unflavored flavor. We’ll review its vanilla-flavored version.

New Zealand Whey Protein Ingredients

  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Organic Vanilla Flavor
  • Organic Stevia
  • Sunflower Lecithin

New Zealand whey is a 100% whey isolate derived from cow milk. It’s a whey protein isolate, and there is no mixture of whey concentrate. Whey isolate is a high-quality protein that is fast to digest and has many protein bioavailabilities. 

Since it’s a vanilla flavor, Antler has used only organic flavors, not processed or chemicals for the vanilla flavor. The purity of the product makes new Zealand whey protein unique and better in many aspects. 

Most protein brands use multiple tasting agents or chemically processed flavors for the typical taste of vanilla chocolate or any other flavor.

Stevia is one ingredient that is responsible for the sweetness in a protein powder. Antler hasn’t used any artificial sweetener like maltodextrin, acesulfame, or sucralose. (Many popular brands use these sweeteners)

New Zealand Whey Protein Nutrition Facts

One serving of 30gm New Zealand whey has

  • Calories = 100
  • Protein = 26g
  • Carbs = 0
  • Fat = 0

Protein bioavailability (one serving) =

= 26/30*100

= 86.67%

One serving of 30 grams of New Zealand whey isolate has only 100 calories and 26 grams of protein which is incredible.  

One serving has 87% protein; there are no protein powders in the market that offer this much protein bioavailability. Most of them have only 60-75% protein bioavailability.

New Zealand Whey Protein Flavors & Taste 

New Zealand whey is available in three different flavored and unflavored versions; Chocolate, mixed berry, and vanilla.

Most vanilla whey isolates have an aftertaste because of the stevia. Although the Newzealand whey vanilla flavor also has stevia to it, it doesn’t have any aftertaste. It has a very smooth, mild smooth, silky texture.  

There are no additives, artificial sweeteners, colors, or filler to make it tastier. It’s all organic, and raw whey isolates vanilla protein.

New Zealand’s Vanilla flavor is amazing. I can remember the only alternative flavors are the first phorm whey protein and zomato whey protein in terms of flavor, taste, and texture.

New Zealand Whey Isolate Price

A pack of two pounds of whey isolates costs you $60. The price is very reasonable since you are getting 88% protein per serving. It’s better than other supplements offering 60% protein per serving at $45 or $50 (for 2 lbs pack).

You can buy it on Amazon using the link below.

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Grass-fed Protein vs. Regular Whey Protein – What’s the difference? 

When the cow is fed only grass, not corn-fed, whey from these cows is called grass-fed whey protein. To qualify as grass-fed, a cow must set to free grazing and be a happy cow.

Regular whey protein comes from the caged cows, and farmers regularly give growth hormones for high milk production.

Grass-fed happy cow whey protein falls in the organic whey category, and regular whey doesn’t. 

According to many researchers and publications, Grain-fed cattle have suffered from metabolic stress, respiratory diseases, and infectious diseases. To increase the milk production in caged grain-fed cows, farmers give them growth hormones. 

The growth hormones fed to cows pass on and can impact our hormonal systems. These effects have been found to cause multiple types of cancers.

Antibiotics or any medical drugs fed to cows can also pass on to us. Insulin-like growth factor 1 has been linked to colon, pancreas, breast, and prostate tumors.

Seeing all these negative effects, more and more people are adopting organic protein powders every year.

New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate: FAQs

Does Grass-fed have advantages over regular whey protein? 

Some studies and research have proven that regular cows who were given antibiotics or growth hormones also tend to carry the substances in whey protein.

This is not the case with Grass-fed cows; many whey protein users have started using organic grass-fed whey to avoid all sorts of long-term side effects.

Does whey protein powder help you lose weight?

Whey protein is a high-quality protein, and it has the highest absorption and biological rate among all other protein sources. To lose weight, you need to follow a calorie deficit diet where you eat less than your total daily energy expenditure.

One serving of a whey protein powder can provide twenty to twenty-five grams of protein at just 100 to 130 calories. So, using high protein in a low-calorie count is a good way to reduce fat or weight.

Is New Zealand Whey Protein Suitable For Lactose Intolerant? 

Since whey isolate protein has a very low amount of lactose (less than 2gms), you will not have any issues with this protein powder. You need to consume at least ten to eleven grams of lactose to get some effects.

What makes New Zealand Canada one of the best whey protein powders? 

One serving of New Zealand whey has 26grams of protein. You get 26 grams of organic grass-fed protein at just 100kcal, which is remarkable. You will not find any other organic whey protein that offers this much protein at this price.

New Grass-Fed Whey Isolate Review Conclusion 

Grass-fed/ organic whey protein sales are on the rise for the last few years. Protein supplements are making a shift from regular to organic whey protein powders.

New Zealand whey protein from altering farms is one such protein powder that doesn’t use growth hormone or any vaccination for milk production.

New Zealand whey is a protein powder with a high amount of protein at a very low-calorie count (100kcal); it got no carbs fat sugar, etc. It’s probable the best lean/pure whey isolate protein powder in the Canadian market.   

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