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Kapiva Vegan Protein Powder Supplement Review [2024]

Kapiva Vegan Protein Powder Supplement Review

In a nutshell, Kapiva vegan protein is a high-quality, soy-free, gluten-free plant-based protein powder supplement. One serving of Kapiva vegan protein has all the essential and non-essential amino acids that a regular whey protein has. Tastewise the views are different, but that’s the case with every vegan protein powder.

If you are looking for an Indian alternative to plant-based protein powders, Kapiva protein powder is an excellent choice to complete your daily protein requirements.

I get these questions quite often…

I am a vegan, and I can’t eat eggs, chicken, and dairy products for protein. How do I get enough protein on a vegan diet?

These are some of the most asked questions by Vegans on the internet.

If you also have these doubts, then stay with me; I assure you by the end of this blog, you’ll learn everything about

1. Popular vegan dieting myths.

2. How you can incorporate Kapiva Ayurveda’s vegan protein powder supplement. 

I review all kinds of protein supplements available in the market. In the past, We have reviewed various budget-friendly protein powders. Today we are going to review a popular vegan protein powder named “Kapiva Vegan Protein.”

Kapiva Vegan Protein Powder India [Quick Review]


Highlights (Per Serving)


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Kapiva vegan protein review
  • 27g of protein

  • Gluten-free

  • Soy Free

  • Sugar-Free

  • All 20 Amino Acids Available

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Note: Before we dive into the review, I want to mention that this review is my honest personal opinion. I review a supplement by its ingredients, nutritional profile, and lab test reports.

Kapiva Vegan Protein Review [In-Depth Review]

The supplement industry is booming worldwide, and India is not far behind. Today there are many options available for quality Vegan protein supplements in the market.

Kapiva is one such brand that offers several natural products, which include Juices, Ghee, Capsules, Gummies Powders & Churans, Vegan Protein Supplements, etc.

Kapiva vegan protein powder is a 100% plant-based protein powder supplement. Available in two flavors; chocolate, cookie, and cream.

We are going to review its chocolate version.

Ingredients & Nutritional Information

Kapiva vegan protein review

Kapiva vegan protein ingredient list

  • Pea Protein
  • Rice Protein
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Xanthan Gum

The primary source of protein in this supplement is Pea and Rice protein. rice doesn’t have a lot of protein; it’s a carbohydrate source, so the only primary source of kapiva protein is pea protein.

Pea protein is a good option for protein. It’s better than soy protein or flaxseed protein. They used cocoa powder for better taste, which is better than any sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Kapiva has used Xanthan gum to make the mixability of supplements better.

Nutritional Information of Kapiva Protein Powder:-

Kapiva Protein Nutrition Facts

  • Calories = 138
  • Protein = 26.9 gms
  • Carbohydrates = 1.5 gms
  • Fat = 2.8 gms
  • Sugar = <0.4 gm
  • Saturated Fat = 0

Bioavailability of Protein


77 % (Approx)

Twenty-seven grams of protein at 138 calories is excellent.

One serving has 27 grams of protein, which means the bioavailability of kapiva protein is 77%, which is excellent. Usually, we don’t find this much protein in vegan protein supplements.

The average protein bioavailability of a vegan protein powder supplement is somewhere around 55 to 60. So as per the calculation, Kapiva vegan protein powder is quite ahead in the competition.

Along with this, one serving has 1.5 grams of carbohydrate and 2.8 grams of fat, higher in fat. (Not very significant)

It also has more than 14 vitamins of 12 different minerals. (Including many crucial vitamins & minerals for body health and growth.

Kapiva Protein Amino Acid Profile

One serving of kapiva plant-based supplement provides all essential and non-essential amino acids and 4963 mg of branch chain amino acid, also known as BCAAs. 

As you can see in the image, One serving has all the 20 amino acids that one’s body needs. A rich amino acid profile helps build lean muscle mass, burn fat, and maintain vital organs like nails, skin, hair health, etc.

Kapiva Protein Mixability

The mixability is Good. though Mixability is an issue with most vegan protein powder supplements; You will have to put some extra effort to mix it.

Although Kapiva has used Xanthan Gum to make it more mixability friendly, Shake it for one minute and your shake is ready.

Kapiva Plant Protein Taste & Flavors

Kapiva vegan protein comes in two different flavors; One is chocolate, and the other one is cookies & cream. They have used cocoa powder for the chocolaty taste.

Kapiva chocolate flavor tastes Okay with water. You can use it with milk or smoothies for a better taste. Using protein supplements with smoothies is easy and quick.

add one or two servings to a juicer, add half bananas and half a glass of milk, grind it and service the delicious shake.

How To Use Kapiva Vegan Protein?

You can use it in several ways. You can use it as protein shakes; you can use it to make pancakes, cookies, cakes, smoothies, vegan protein chocolates, etc. There are plenty of ways to use a chocolate-flavored vegan protein supplement.

Get creative and make your recipes.

Vegan Protein Powder vs. Whey Protein– Which One is Best For You?

This topic is very much subjective. Well, I’ll be honest with you if you can use a whey protein supplement, then go for it.

Now let’s understand why whey protein is better than vegan protein powder supplements.

  • Whey protein powder has a much better absorption and digestion rate compared to vegan protein powders.
  • They also provide high-quality protein at a very calorie count. ( Example- 24 gms of protein at 120 kcal)
  • One serving of Whey protein has much less fat and carbs than vegan protein that’s why it’s a lean source of high-quality protein.
  • Whey protein does not cause any side effects even if you consume more than the daily recommendations whereas vegan protein powder can cause some bloating or gas if taken in excess.

So, These are some reasons that make whey protein better than vegan protein powder.

Don’t get disheartened; if you use vegan protein powder supplements, you can make the best out of whether your goal is to put on muscle mass or lose fat. Vegan protein will work in both situations.

If you are someone who follows a plant-based diet, you can use a kapiva plant-based supplement. Kapiva vegan protein is one of the best plant-based protein powder supplements out there. It provides you with 26 grams of protein at 138 calories.

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Pros & Cons

Here are some quick Pros & Cons of Kapiva vegan protein I want to mention

Kapiva Vegan Protein Price

One kilogram of the pack will cost you around 1600 Rupees on Amazon, which is a little pricy compared to the other vegan protein powder supplements in India. Many online sites ship this product at the least cost.

Check Kapiva Vegan Protein Amazon Offers.

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Best Time to Use Kapiva Plant Protein

If you are using vegan protein supplements for the first time, then there are a few things you should know to use them better.

For the first time, vegan protein can be a new experience for you because vegan protein has some properties that make it different from other protein powder supplements like whey protein and casein protein powders.

Most of the Vegan protein powders in India have a high number of fibers and fats. Fiber and fats can make the absorption rate of protein slower, so you should avoid vegan protein after a workout.  

Instead of that, you can use vegan protein in your breakfast, between your meals as a snack that will keep you full, and you will not feel hungry.

How Many Kapiva Protein Servings in a Day?

First of all, You have to find what your daily protein need is and then use it according to that. Suppose your goal is to take 120 grams of protein a day; in that case, you can use two or three servings of a plant-based protein powder supplement like kapiva vegan protein.

Too much of anything can be uncomfortable; the same goes for vegan protein also. Use you can’t use five or six servings in a day.

One thing is being noticed that if you consume too many five or six servings of a plant-based supplement in a day, your body will face issues like bloating or gas.

So, plan your diet according to your calories and use the supplement.

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How to gain muscle on a vegan diet?

There is nothing wrong with being a vegan. Most people consider the vegan diet a low nutrient, low protein diet, which is false.

You can gain muscle on a vegan diet; it’s the same as following a non-vegan diet.

To gain muscle mass, you have to follow three things

  • A calorie surplus diet with the right macros (Carbs, Protein, and fats)
  • Regular Weight Training
  • Daily seven to eight-hour sleep.

If you follow these three key points, you’ll gain muscles. You can use vegan supplements to full fill your daily protein need and gain muscle mass.

The same goes for fat loss; You can lose fat and become slim/ fit on a vegan diet. So, don’t believe in the Bro-Science that “You can’t build muscles or lose fat on a vegan diet.”

Kapiva Vegan Protein: FAQs

  1. Is A Vegan Diet Healthy?

    Yes, It is. You can have a well-balanced and healthy diet even if you are on a vegan lifestyle. A healthy vegan diet can also provide essential protein, carbs, and fats, which your body needs. You can build muscles or lose fat on a vegan diet.

  2. Is Whey Protein Vegan?

    No, It’s not. Whey protein is an animal protein. It’s processed from the milk during the cheese-making process; then, it is processed into powder form using different filtration methods.

  3. How to Get protein as a Vegan?

    There are plenty of vegan sources available for protein. These sources include Chickpeas, Tofu, kidney beans, lentils, Soyachunks, Peanuts, Quinoa, Seeds, etc.

    You can use plant-based protein supplements like kapiva vegan protein for your daily protein nourishment along with these sources. You can use them for your breakfast, snack, lunch, etc.

  4. Best Protein to Take After A Workout?

    Whey protein. Yes, I admit Whey protein is the best supplement to take a right after a workout. It’s a fast-digesting, amino acid-rich protein supplement that nourishes your body and helps you to recover faster.

    Vegan protein powders are high in fiber and fat, which makes the protein synthesis process slower. Now, Talking about the pre-workout time. Kapiva Vegan protein powder is as effective as any good whey protein powder supplement.

Kapiva Vegan Protein Review Conclusion

So, This was our Kapiva vegan protein review. We discussed several things about the vegan diet and debunked some of the popular myths about plant-based protein supplements. These talks are not more than straight fiction.

You can be vegan and eat protein-rich meals every day. Incorporating plant-based protein supplements like kapiva vegan protein into your diet can make your vegan meals protein-rich.

Vegan protein supplements can help maintain a positive nitrogen balance in your body, which is a positive sign of muscle building. Your body must stay in a positive nitrogen mode if your goal is to put on muscle mass. A positive nitrogen balance will keep protein synthesis up and running most of the time day.

Kapiva vegan protein is one of the best plant-based protein powder supplements in the Indian market. Kapiva nutrition is one of the few Indian startups providing the right quality products to Indian consumers.

If you still have some doubts, feel free to ask them in the comment section.

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