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Reality of High Protein Foods For Fat Burning [2024]

High protein foods are probably the most talked/discussed term dietitians and nutrition coaches talk about all the time. But wait, It is true or just a misconception?

Fat burning is one of the principles behind any diet. All dietitians advise diet or meal that triggers your body’s fat-burning process while retaining and building more muscles.

If we study more about fat burning, what kind of hormones boost our body’s fat-burning and what food triggers those hormones, Protein comes up very at the top of the list.

Today we gonna talk about some certain food popular as high protein but in reality, they aren’t high protein. We will discuss real high-protein food that you must include in your diet to speed up your fat-burning process. 

Six Popular High Protein Foods For Fat Burning

1. Nuts

A bowl of Nuts

On average nuts, the macro composition is 15% Protein, 15% carbs, and 70% fats. With only 15% protein, you’re not gonna be burning fat a lot.

One thing you must learn is that food extremely high in fat can irritate and clog up the liver.  That’s why people who were eating too much peanut butter or any other nut spread complain about irritation in the gall bladder. Eating only fat and protein can aggravate the liver.

The prevent that problem we include green vegetables in the diet to keep your liver healthy. So, as long as you are including green veggies in your diet, you can prevent any side effects due to fat. You can have high-fat food like peanut butter, cheese, or even bacon in your diet.

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2. Beans

Beans as High Protein Foods

Beans consist of 23% protein, 70-75% carbs, and 2-3% fat. Beans are higher than nuts in protein but it also has a massive quantity of carbs.

If you’re in your 40s, 50s, and your body’s metabolism is low, try to eat beans as low as possible. Because might not help you to lose weight. A high amount of carbs turns into sugar pretty fast and your body can’t burn all those extra calories.

The insulin spike due to this food can last up to three or four days. On the other hand, if your metabolism is high or good enough, you can use beans in your diet.

3. Dairy (Yogurt, Cheese) 

Cheese as High protein foods

Dairy in general is a good source of complete. Dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, have 35 to 38% protein, 26 to 28% carbs, and 20 to 25% fat. Old cheese is a great protein source. It has higher protein content and less carbohydrate content.

Although dairy byproducts like yogurt have a good amount of protein, it also has higher carbs, which might slow down your fat-burning process.

If you want to use dairy actively for your protein nourishment, you can use dairy byproducts like whey protein powder, cottage cheese in your diet/meals.

4. Seafood (Fish) 


Fish is a great protein source and one of the best food to burn fat.  Fish is consists of 93% protein and 7% fat. It has zero carbs. On the other hand, using too much fish can cause other liver issues.

All the fat-burning hormones that come through the body, go through the liver. So, find your balance and use enough vegetables to keep your liver healthy. If you are burning a lot of fat and not consuming veggies at all then all the fat ends up in your liver and it is stuck there..which results in fatty liver.

That’s the most common reason for fatty liver among people following a high protein diet.

5. Animal Protein (Meat etc) 


Meat is by far the most used food worldwide for protein nourishment. It has a high amount of protein and a negligible amount of carbs. One downside with meat/animal protein is that they are high in fat. On average 40 to 42% fat is found in animal protein sources.

So, if you are regularly using animal protein, consider adding a lot of vegetables to balance the high-fat content.

6. Eggs 


Eggs are also by far one of the best protein sources. A whole egg has the majority of fat and around 30% protein. You can use up to three or four egg yolks in your diet. Egg yolk is high in saturated fat and rich in vitamin d and many more nutrients.

Egg whites are easy to prepare and fast to digest. You can make an omelet, scramble eggs or you can eat boiled egg white for your protein nourishment. Egg whites are low in calories. Egg whites can easily adjust into any meal type whether it is calorie surplus or calorie deficit, and it can help you burn a lot of fat.


So, These are the six most talked about high protein food for fat burning. We discussed what are their advantages and what properties they lack. How you can use this food efficiently. My main motto is to give you actual facts, no random pseudoscience that claims false things.

Fat loss is a long process. You have to be patient and consistent with your diet, workout, and recovery. For fat loss, you need to follow

  1. A calorie deficit diet with the right amount of protein, carbs, and fat.
  2. Workout (6-7 hours/week)
  3. Rest/Recovery (7-8 hours/daily)

I hope this blog post is helpful for you, if you have any questions you can ask them in the comment section.

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