Why Is Soy Protein Isolate The Worst Protein Powder for Men? [2024]

Why Is Soy Protein Isolate The Worst Protein Powder for Men?

Millions of people use protein powder supplements worldwide. There are various protein powder supplements available in the market these days, for example, whey protein, casein protein, vegan/ plant-based protein, etc., but which of these protein powders is the worst for men?

No, it’s not whey or casein, or pea protein; it’s soy protein isolateSoy protein isolate is the worst protein powder supplement that anyone can consume.

While reading about soy protein isolate on the internet, I found many manipulating/half-truth articles from the protein powder brands claiming that soy protein isolate has many benefits.

I was shocked and very disappointed reading that information. They published that article with the intent of selling their product, not caring about their customers. That’s why I decided to write this blog post to spread awareness.

In this blog post, we’ll learn why soy protein isolate is the worst protein powder supplement, especially for men, and why shouldn’t anyone use it at any cost.

Note- We are talking about soy protein isolate powder not organic soy as whole food. 

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Reasons To Not to Use Soy Protein Isolate

1. It’s Genetically Modified

Soy Protein Isolate is Genetically Modified

More than 80% of all soy is genetically modified. Since more than 80% of soy is genetically modified, it has residue of an herbicide round-up ready called glyphosate.

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Glyphosate is a pretty deadly and toxic chemical, and when they modify this genetically, it can even act as an estrogenic factor/enzyme to even insects. Glyphosate is harmful to your kidneys, gut health, and liver, decreasing your reproductive hormones health.

Ultimately glyphosate is going to blast up your estrogen levels and decrease your testosterone level.

Since women are estrogen dominant and men don’t need any estrogen. Protein in soy isolate is complex on the liver, and it’s not fermented like in tofu, tempeh, and mezzo. Any food item which is not fermented is tough to digest, and it’s very hard on your liver.

2. Not A Natural Protein Supplement

Soy Isolate Protein is not natural

Everyone must know that soy protein isolate is not a naturally derived protein supplement.

  • How is Soy protein isolation made?    

To make soy protein isolate, companies first soak soy in the alkaline solution to filter out/remove carbohydrates and fiber from soy.

In the second step, they put the filtered soy in an aluminum tank for the acid wash to separate protein from soy. Once soy goes through Aluminium wash, it carries with the powder. Aluminum is extremely dangerous for bones, the brain, and kidneys.

3. It Can Dramatically Decrease Testosterone Levels in Men.

soy protein can low levels of testosterone in men

Many researchers have found that men who were using soy protein isolate as food supplements faced a massive drop in testosterone levels over time. Glyphosate present in soy protein isolate is the leading cause for the testosterone drop. [Research Link]

Low levels of testosterone can lead to erectile dysfunction, infertility, obesity, or even depression in men. So, it’s better to avoid soy protein isolate supplements at any cost.

You can have organic soy food in your diet. Soy products like soy chunks, tofu are rich in protein and fiber, and they are also good for your health.

What are other options of Soy Protein Isolate?

Every other option is better than soy protein powder. If you want great results and are okay with milk products, you can use whey protein as your primary protein supplement.

Whey protein is a high-quality, fast-digesting protein powder. It helps you recover faster and nourish your body quickly. You can go through my blog and find the best whey protein for yourself.

If you are vegan or you don’t want to use whey protein then you can use plant-based vegan protein powders like kapiva vegan protein or ghost vegan protein. These brands are a good option for plant-based protein powder.


Please, Do not fall for the companies or random YouTubers trying to sell soy protein as a healthy option. They are doing it only to make profits. As an aware customer, you must research and study the product; only then should you decide.

You can have soy chunks, tofu, or even soy milk as a food option. At least these food items will not harm your kidneys, liver, or hormonal balance.

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