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Zomato CEO Announces Entry Into Dietary Supplement Market [2024]

Zomato CEO Announces Entry Into Dietary Supplement Market

On 16th March, Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal announces the Zomato Supplements entry into the dietary supplement market. Gurgaon-based food-tech unicorn Zomato is known for food delivery and attractive working efficiency.

In the latest tweets, Zomato CEO shared the images of upcoming different Zomato supplements. Zomato supplements include

Zomato Whey Protein, Zomato Mass Gainer, Zomato BCAA & Glutamine, Collagen protein, Omega-3, and other different supplements for bones, joints, liver, skin, and hair care.

Important Update– Zomato Is Discontinuing Zomato Health Supplements

  • What Could It Mean?
  • Why Zomato Decided to Introduce protein powder supplements and other dietary supplements to the Indian Market?

Update- I have been using zomato whey protein isolate (chocolate flavor) for more than three weeks and honestly, It’s been an amazing experience so far.

You can read my full zomato whey isolate review here.

My Review – Zomato Whey Protein Full Review

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For the last five or six-year, the supplement is growing at a rapid speed. According to reports, the Indian dietary supplement market was valued at $4 Billion in 2020, and it is growing at a rate of 20% CAGR.

According to the tread pandits, India can be the next big hub for nutritional supplements.

All major supplement brands are looking to establish their products in Indian Market.

How Will Zomato Supplements Reach Users?

Zomato Dietary Supplements By Deepinder Goyal

Image Credit- Deepinder Goyal

Zomato has more than 1.5 lakh delivery partners and seven crores active users per month. Answering a user question, Zomato CEO said that Zomato would be delivering supplements within 15 mins at your doorstep with the extensive delivery network.

Zomato supplements, including zomato protein powders, Zomato collagen protein, and other zomato dietary supplements, will be 100% Made in India, and Zomato supplements will have the “highest possible levels of quality checks.”

However, the Zomato protein products are not available now, so I can’t judge the quality and nutritional information for you.

I hope to lead the Indian supplement market with top-notch quality with a safe and fast delivery network.

A few years back, Foreign supplements like ON, Ultimate Nutrition, Muscle Tech, ISO had control over the Indian market.

The problem with Foreign brands is that they are much expensive due to the import duties and taxes, and the second problem is that there are too many fake copies available in the market.

Fake products are dangerous for one’s health.

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In the last few years, many Indian brands are emerging as an alternative to these supplements. Many Indian brands like Abbzorb, Asitis, MuscleNectar, Kapiva offer you a top-notch quality product at a much cheaper cost.

As more Indian brands get in the race, the user will get quality products at cost-effective prices. This move can inspire more people/entrepreneurs in the food-tech niche to introduce their supplements.

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